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Beauty Essentials

Would you like fries with that? Below you will find those little extra treatments and services that we offer! 

Teeth Whitening

Black, Navy & Grey are all the rave for winter fashions, but when it comes to your smile, you'll always get it right with pearly white, Bring your grin over to All Covered Beauty and open wide for an LED whitening treatment.

The Love My Smile procedure bleaches teeth using the oxidizing Hydrogen Peroxide to lighten the shade of the teeth. The oxidizing agent penetrates the porosities in the rod-like crystal structure of the enamel and oxidizes inter-prismatic stain deposits, over a period of time the dentin layer, lying underneath the enamel is also bleached. the effect of bleaching can last up to two years. 

  • Brush and floss your teeth before your appointment.
  • Have teeth whitening immediately after having your teeth professionally cleaned. We recommend you wait 2 weeks.
  • Have teeth whitening if your gums are inflamed or if you have any mouth ulcers. Wait until they have healed.

Teeth Whitening treatment $249

Make up Application 

Do you have a special occasion coming up and want to look your best? At All Covered Beauty we offer Make Up Application using Aevitas Active Organic products. All our products are purchasable in store.  

Professional Make Up Application starting from $40

Head to Toe Body Piercing

All Covered Beauty utilises a method of piercing and aftercare that protects against infection and various other complications caused by alternate body piercing methods. Our spa sets the highest standards in piercing and sterilization.

All our piercing includes basic jewellery with a wide range of options to choose from. Pop in and see us for a free consultation.
Ear Piercing                   $20*
2 Operators                   $30*
Nose                              $25*
Eyebrow                         $30*
Monroe                           $30*
Lip                                  $30*
Tongue                           $40*
Tragis                             $35*
Nipple                             $50*
Navel                              $40*
Genital from                   $120*
*Pricing may vary depending on jewellery chosen.


A high quality Eyelash made from a silk fibre is grafted to your natural lash using a simple pain free application. So light you can’t feel them when you’re wearing them, safe to bath & swim, Eyelash Extensions enhance the natural beauty of your eyes without the need of messy mascaras, it really is a must to try…..once you try it, you won’t be without them. 

The application is all so simple, you will recline on our comfortable beauty bed & relax. Depending on the thickness of your own lashes it will take between 60 & 90 minutes to complete. We professionally graft each single lash strand onto your natural hair. The glue is superior to any on the market in this country & is dry in 3 seconds, the bonding agent is superb & will see you returning between 2-4 weeks for a refill. The bonding agent is waterproof, so swimming is fine.

Refills as humans our lashes recycle every 60 -90 days so you will notice a thinning process within  a 3 -4 week period, it is very subtle & gradual & not visible to anyone else but you. I recommend a regular fortnightly or monthly appointment to keep on top of the new growth. Refill times vary dramatically for individuals it is very dependent on your aftercare & your hair growth. Always use oil free make-up remover and use water soluble mascara.
Our lashes come in a range of colours, lengths, curl and thickness, so you can create anything from a natural look to a glamorous party look and everything in between.

Benefits of Silk Eyelash Extensions  

•  Made from silk fibre, more compatible with the natural lash than synthetic or acrylic
•  Silk lashes give a natural look
•  Silk lashes are light to wear
•  Lashes will last the life of your natural lash
•  Variety of lengths to choose from
•  Safe to bathe and swim
•  Simple pain free application

Before & Aftercare procedure for Graft-a-Lash 

•  No waterproof mascara prior to your appointment
•  Please remove contact lenses prior to application
•  Do not get the lashes wet or use product around them for 24 hours after grafting
•  Brush your lashes daily
•  Use oil free make up remover (such as Graft-A-Lash remover)
•  Use water soluble mascara(such as Graft-A-Lash Mascara)
•  Do not rub at the eyes
•  Do not use lash curlers
•  Do not apply pressure to lashes for long periods of time, eg. Be mindful when sleeping
•  Do not pull lashes off if you don’t like them or they are irritating. Have them removed professionally
•  Regular infills about every 3 – 4 weeks will keep your lashes looking luscious

Graft-a-Lash Application- $120
Graft-a-Lash Refills - from $50

Anti- Wrinkle Injections & Lip Fillers

We have a highly skilled Registered Nurse that is able to administer Anti-Wrinkle Injections & Lip Fillers. Please call our Salon for more information and for next available appointments.

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