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Permanent Make Up

Imagine how much easier your life would be if you did not have to put on make up in the morning in order to feel your most attractive. If you could just get out of bed and throw some clothes on with an already perfectly made up face, how much time would you save? How much more quality time would you be able to spend with your children, your spouse, yourself? With permanent makeup, you can enjoy freedom from the bathroom mirror and an existence free of concern over makeup smudges and fading

Permanent makeup is the process of tattooing a mineral based ink into your face to help define your eyes, lips, or eyebrows. It can even be used to permanently hide blemishes and even out skin tones. The best part about permanent makeup is its flexibility. Permanent makeup is tattooed onto you based on your most minimum makeup preferences. That way, you never feel too made up. If you are going out for something special, you simply add a little more makeup over your gorgeous foundation and you are ready for a night to remember.If you are ready to reclaim your life and show your morning who is boss, call All Covered Beauty and talk to one of our permanent makeup specialists today.
To start with we will be offering Eyebrow Tattooing only.

Eyebrows- Feathered - $350
Eyebrows- Micro Feathered Eyebrows- $450
Eyebrows- Ombrè - $350
Lip Liner - $400
Full Coloured Lips- $450
Beauty Spot- $150

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